10 Ways To Reduce Eye Strain

10 Ways To Reduce Eye Strain While Working From Home.

The world has changed drastically People want to know How to Reduce Eye Strain as they are suffering from major eye pain because of working online during this pandemic a couple of years with a raging pandemic and changes in the lifestyles of people. The world has been turned upside down and the work-life balance has also taken a shift in fashion. Nowadays, the offices are encouraging employees to work from home.

This has helped them to avoid additional energy and resource consumption of the company. However, along with the perks, the cons of working from home are varied and prominent. The most striking damage has been made to the eyes of workers who are engaged in work throughout the day.

How to Reduce Eye Strain?

As a result, the eyes are being strained for longer durations which is affecting the optic nerves drastically. We should take good care of our eyes if we wish to make them last longer and stay healthy.

10 Ways To Reduce Eye Strain While Working From Home Are As Follows:-

1) Reduce the duration of exposure.

The eye hospitals in Gurgaon think that the duration of work hours needs to be reduced. The optimum exposure to devices should be limited to a couple of hours at a stretch. The eye hospitals in Gurgaon have reported a rapid rise in cases where patients have reported eye strain and consequent headaches.

2) Cycle the work hours.

It is recommended to avoid continuous exposure by breaking the cycle. This can be established by taking small breaks in between. Replacing hours will help you to relax your eyes when you are not focusing on work. These breaks are useful to rest your eyes and allow the nerves to relax from time to time. This is an effective way to reduce eye strains and migraines.

3) Initiate eye massages.

The best doctors for Lasik eye surgery have suggested that another effective way to reduce the stress on the eyes could be through simple and light massages. Place your fingers on the closed eyelids and dab them gently. Tap and initiate a rolling motion with your index finger to relax the eye muscles.

Practice this exercise every time you feel like your eyes are aching from all the exposure to bright screen light. The best doctors for Lasik eye surgery are available in the country when the situation worsens. However, you are always asked to curb the pain at preliminary levels.

4) Relax it with herbal and natural treatment.

The best eye doctors will suggest you go for herbal treatments like placing cucumber pieces on the eyes to ensure a feeling of relaxation and cool down the region around your eyes. Rest your eyes for some time in this manner to help them gain back their strength and unhindered, painless vision. Best eye doctors will tell you that homemade remedies are always good when you wish to treat your eyes against prolonged exposure to harmful radiation and bright light from the screens.

5) Avoid working in dim light.

The employees or students who are working from home or attending online classes are asked to not work in dim light. The source of light should be directly focused on the device, from behind your shoulders. This way your eyes will get proper exposure to the brightness and you do not have to strain them to see clearly.

6) Natural light is the best.

It is always advisable to allow incoming sunlight to surround your workspace. The presence of natural light is the best way to reduce eye strain and ensure that your eyes stay healthy.

7) Change the font size.

It is quite difficult to see and read anything that is written in a relatively smaller font. You should change the size of the font and set it in such a manner that you can read them properly. It is always difficult to read small letters when you are trying to focus on a particular word. The font should not be very large or too tiny. Users should adjust it to a certain optimum size, which will ensure that the text is readable without causing any inconvenience to one’s eyes.

You can also set up the night mode to moderate the amount of light emitted by the devices such as phones or laptop screens. Excess light can also damage the nerves and impose pressure on the optical apparatus.

8) Set the level of the screen.

You are not supposed to bend over while working on your tablets or PC. These practices can also impact the nerves and cause overall neck pain, headaches, and visionary issues. It is advised to place them on the tabletop and align them with the level of your eyes. This will help you see the text properly without having to flex your eye muscles much.

You are always asked to maintain a proper distance between your eyes and the screen so that your eyes are not strained in the process. If you sit too close to the devices or bend over to view the content, after some time, the upper eyelids may start aching.

9) Seek the advice of an expert.

You are not supposed to neglect your eyes or anything that hinders normal vision. If you notice that your eyes are constantly aching even when you are taking all the necessary measures, it is time for you to visit an optician and seek his advice. Neglecting the symptoms will only lead to a greater problem and might even result in eye surgery. To avoid such a condition, visit a doctor and take medications and eye drops to ease the strain.

10) Additional precautions

Certain healthy habits can help you reduce pain in the eyes and the head region. Always practice sitting up straight so that the spinal cord and the head are aligned at a straight vertical angle. This will make sure that your eyes are functioning at a proper angle and reduce eye strains.

You should all consciously try to blink your eyes more often than you usually do. This will lubricate the eyeballs and reduce consequent aches due to the prolonged duration of staring at the screen.


If you have eye strain and it continually affects your eye heavily, please consider the best eye specialist in Gurgaon for sure, because the eye is very sensitive and if you do not take it seriously, it will definitely harm your eye. Also,  please consider eye care tips seriously; they will secure your eye strain and keep your eye fresh and healthy.