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What Is Mucormycosis? And How Can We Protect Ourselves From Black Fungus?

Mucormycosis is a very harmful and uncommon bacterial infection produced by mucormycetes, a type of mold. Such fungus can be found all over the ecosystem, but they thrive best in dead and decomposing organic substances and also in soil. The disease is also sometimes referred to as Zygomycetes or it is commonly called the “black fungus”.

Hyphae start developing mostly around blood vessels is a common symptom of the condition. Human beings are getting affected by this disease when they come into touch with fungus spores that are present in our surroundings.

The infection is especially rising after the COVID-19 virus. Examples of mucormycosis causing fungus are Rhizomucor species, Mucor species, Syncephalastrum species,Rhizopus species, Apophysomycesspecies,Cunninghamella bertholletiae, etc.

The several types of mucormycosis include the following:

  • Disseminated mucormycosis – This infection eventually mixes with the blood and affects the entire human body system. 
  • Rhinocerebral mucormycosis – It is a sinus illness that can extend to the brain.
  • Pulmonary mucormycosis – It is the most prevalent form of mucormycosis in patients with cancer. 
  • Gastrointestinal mucormycosis – This mostly occurs among kids and youngsters, especially those who were born in premature conditions, or were underweight during the time of their birth. 
  • Cutaneous mucormycosis – This disease develops when fungus gets into the body through some kind of skin hole. It mainly affects those people who comprise a chronic health condition.

According to the doctors, the excessive application of steroids or relevant drugs on seriously ill Covid-19 victims is triggering mucormycosis. It has a fatality rate of about 50 percent. Although it helps to fight the coronavirus by reducing lung inflammation, on the other hand, it also leads to reducing the body’s immunity power.

Both diabetic and also non-diabetic patients are getting affected by this. Several patients who had recovered from COVID-19 had to opt for an eye surgery that led to the removal of their eyes. And such cases are increasing day by day. Many people are facing eye-related issues or infections. In that case, people must consult an eye care specialist as it is one of the most vital components of the human body which cannot be compromised.

If individuals are feeling a paining sensation in their eyes or itching or something like that then they should take the opinion of an eye specialist and take the necessary steps.

People can get in touch with an eye care specialist for a certified consultancy. They will provide people with the best possible suggestions and treatments available. 

What are the symptoms of mucormycosis?

The symptoms of mucormycosis include eye problems, swelling of eyes, fever, reddened skin around the nasal passages, pain in the face, breathing problems, vomiting, ache in the flanks, cough with blood droplets, abdominal pains, and many more complications. 

What risk can the black fungus or mucormycosis cause?

The risk of black fungus or mucormycosis includes are:

  • A severe medical condition, particularly disorders that cause the impaired supply of blood to organs, is a major risk for people with mucormycosis.
  • Mucormycosis is more common in patients with injuries, cancers, immunocompromised individuals, individuals who have had a splenectomy, and persons who have had wounds infected with dirt or ambient water. So, people who are affected by catastrophic events are at a higher risk of contracting this infection.
  • Diabetic patients or people having ulcers on the foot have a higher risk of getting into touch with this infection as dirt and germs can easily reach the injured cells.

How can we protect ourselves from black fungus?

As it is known to every person that the black fungus or mucormycosis disease is a deadly one and it is even killing lots of people every day. So people must take all the required safety precautions to protect themselves from the black fungus. The things that we must consider include the following:

  • Every time, people are stepping out of their homes, they must wear a mask that covers their nose and mouth. Or if they are passing through a place full of dust, mites, and smoke.
  • Steroid patients should always be carefully monitored, and their consumption should be lowered after a consultation with their doctors.
  • People must also wear full-sleeve clothes to avoid direct skin contact with the dust and smoke present in their surroundings.
  • Also, patients must consume steroids only after discussing with his or her respective physician. 

If not diagnosed early, the black fungus can lead to blindness, organ damage, tissue death, and sometimes even demise, according to the expert.

How can black fungus be treated?

The treatment processes are as follows:

  • The treatment for mucormycosis should be immediate and effective. It should not be delayed and treated instantly because it is causing severe damage to the individuals.
  • The majority of individuals will require surgery as well as medical care.
  • It is recommended that you seek advice from an infection control expert.
  • People must avoid consumption because deferoxamine and steroids can trigger fungal infections very badly. 
  • Individuals may experience extensive surgery and antifungal treatments for a longer period. It, of course, depends on the intensity of the disease.

The Bottom Line

People who suffered from Covid-19 and have recovered must be kept under strict observation as any of the above-mentioned symptoms can develop which can cause life threats to some people. In case of any little or major complications, individuals must consult the best doctor.

The care of a bacterial infection can be made easier if the condition is diagnosed at an early stage. Also, if anyone after recovering from COVID-19 faces any kind of eye-related problems, they must contact the best eye specialist in Gurgaon as quickly as possible. It should not be delayed and neglected. 

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