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Dr. Keya Barman
Dr. Keya Barman
Dr. Keya Barman
Fellowship Training
Dr. Keya Barman, the founder of Barman Eye Care Center, which is the best eye hospital in India, wanted to provide premium and personalized eye care for everyone using the latest diagnostic and surgical technologies. The hospital brings the most advanced care near you in Gurugram.
This center has an eye specialist who is renowned for her expertise throughout India. Her experience includes heading departments of cataract and refractive surgery, teaching Cataract and Refractive surgery as well as advanced techniques to fellows, both Indian and international, and many years of expertise in advanced surgical procedures that help treat
Dr. Keya Barman, founder, and Medical Director, believes in the concept of teamwork and selecting people who share similar core values and have high personal character. She thought that the right team of skilled and compassionate people would give a personal touch to the patients coming to her hospital. The patient’s Delight is her prime concern.

Barman Eye Care: Best Eye Specialist
Doctor in Gurgaon

Barman Eye Care is one of the best eye hospitals in Gurgaon, which provides all types of eye surgeries at affordable prices with the best eye specialist doctors in Gurgaon who give their 100% for the best results. Consult today and get the best eye treatment in Gurgaon.

This is one of the best-developed eye hospitals in Gurgaon ( Barman Eye Care). They’ve got world-class installations that give high-quality treatment. The institute is a tertiary-care eye center and offers complete eye care, including routine checks and contact lenses with advanced Rose-K quality. The staff is trained in complex eye surgeries like cataract surgery. This sanitarium has some stylish ophthalmic outfits from top brands like Topcon of Japan, Optilasa of Spain, Heine of Germany, Ocular of the USA, etc. They give their patients excellent eye care advice on how to take stylish care of their eyes.

They give excellent care to patients of any age. This sanitarium offers a different clientele with advanced eye support. They value the requirements of the case and treat them with empathy, safety, and respect. This sanitarium has largely trained experts who understand and recommend the treatment. Also, the sanitarium offers stylish cataract surgery in Gurgaon. This sanitarium is well known for its treatments.
This sanitarium also offers Lasik surgery in Gurgaon. They give comforting sessions to patients who are witnessing surgeries. This sanitarium is well known for treating glaucoma, cataracts, the retina, refractive error, and other vision problems. Most eye conditions don’t show any symptoms. Numerous eye conditions are delicate to cure, so it’s better to go for regular checks and get your eyes checked at the stylish eye hospitals in Gurgaon. It’s well known for its high installations and other effects that are mentioned below. Make your appointment now.

Contact us at +91-9667888422 / 9667888433 and visit our site, Barman Eye Care Centre, for complete information on surgeries and doctors.