Lasik Surgery a complete procedure guide

LASIK Eye Surgery: A Complete Procedure Guide

Lasik eye surgery is a type of surgery that fixes vision problems. In this treatment, a laser is used. People who have trouble seeing things far away or things closer are likely to get this surgery. This kind of surgery will help you to get rid of your glasses and contact lenses. Lasik’s eye full procedure is painless. You’ll be given anesthesia, but you can feel a little pressure around your eyes. Today many surgeries are available to fix this kind of problem, but Lasik is the most popular one.

A recent study says that Lasik surgery success rates are around 99%. Nearly 100% of patients get a 20/40 vision, and more than 90% get a 20/20 vision. This surgery also benefits people who get glare, ghosting, and halo before the surgery. Lasik surgery has more success rates compared to other surgeries. It has the most success rates among patients. Lasik eye clinic in Gurgaon is famous for performing these types of eye surgeries.

Types of Lasik Eye Surgery

Three types of Lasik Surgery in Gurgaon are performed. They are-

Lasik: It’s the most popular among all. It creates a hinged flap in the eye corner with a sterile blade. Then the surgeon removes the thin layers from the cornea.

Intra-Lasik: The surgeon uses a laser instead of the blade to cut and reshape the cornea.

Wavefront Lasik: This one uses the most modern and advanced technique to do the surgery. In this technique, a three-dimensional scan of the cornea is made. This surgery has the most accurate rate. It has 20/20 vision improvement chances.

Lasik eye full procedure

Lasik is a more comfortable procedure compared to other eye surgeries. The Lasik Eye full procedure is given below-

Before the surgery

Before the procedure, the eye surgeon will perform a thorough eye screening to see if the eyes are healthy enough to perform the surgery or not. Your doctor will assess the following things-

  • The thickness of the cornea.
  • The shape of the cornea.
  • The shape of the pupil.
  • Myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism etc.
  • Condition of the retina.
  • The eye moisture level.

The doctor will give instructions to follow before the surgery. You can’t wear contact lenses for an amount of time. The doctor will judge all your medical history, including the eye examination you have done at Lasik eye clinic Gurgaon. Refraction, corneal mapping, thickness measuring of the cornea, eye pressure, pupil dilation, etc., are some tests your doctor will perform before this surgery.

During the procedure

The doctor will give you local anesthesia or medications to avoid discomfort during the surgery. Once your eyes become numb, doctors will be ready for the process. The eyes will be positioned for the laser with the help of a lid speculum instrument. It helps to keep the eye open during the surgery. Then a thin flap is created in the cornea with the help of an instrument called a microkeratome. A suction ring will be used to prevent the movement of the eye. After that, the flap is peeled back. You’ll be asked to look at the light to observe them under a microscope. Through this whole procedure, corneal tissues are reshaped. Lastly, the flap is put back in its place. This surgery will take only five to ten minutes for each eye.

After the surgery

The eyes require rest immediately after the surgery. A little bit of blurring and temporary burning, itching, and eye pressure is normal after the surgery. After the surgery, a post-operative test will be done. There are chances that your eyes can become dry, or the vision can become blurry right after the surgery but nothing to worry about because it is temporary. To prevent dryness, inflammation, or any infection, the doctor will prescribe eye drops. The best Lasik eye clinic in Gurgaon has the most qualified, experienced, and dedicated doctors to perform Lasik surgery treatment.

The healing process happens rapidly after this surgery. Patients experience clear and improved vision. People who undergo this procedure don’t need any glasses or contact lenses to get a clear vision. Technology is getting more advanced, so instead of a manual blade, a femtosecond laser is used to cut the flap, which is more precise and safe to use. Lasik Eye Treatment Gurgaon is the best place to perform Lasik Eye Surgery.