Dry eyes Syndrome and Treatments

Dry Eye Syndrome Information and Treatments

Dry eye syndrome is a very common disease among adults. Especially women get affected by this disease more because they experience many hormonal changes during pregnancy and menopause. The latest treatment for dry eye syndrome is very simple provided it gets diagnosed in time. But if it gets severe, then it can cause corneal ulcers and conjunctival scarring. A dry eye can get worse if you continue wearing contact lenses. 

A study says that dry eyes are mostly found in outdoor workers, people who use air conditioners, diabetic patients, and housewives.  

Types of Dry eye syndrome

There are two types of dry eye diseases. One is an aqueous deficiency, and the one is evaporative.

  • Aqueous deficiency

This disease happens because of the reduced production of tears from the lacrimal glands. This type of dry eye disease can lead to Sjögren’s syndrome. 

  • Evaporative 

This happens due to increased tear evaporation. It happens by the dysfunction of the meibomian gland. This is the reason for 85% of dry eye syndrome. Blepharitis is a cause of meibomian dysfunction. This kind of dry eye can cause inflammation in the eyes.

Both types of eye dryness can show the symptoms such as burning and stingy eyes, light sensitivity, eye redness, mucus around the eye region, etc. But, dry eye conditions are curable by the best dry eye treatment in Gurgaon

Risk factors of dry eye

There are multiple causes of eye dryness. The female gender is mostly affected compared to men. Some say that dry eye is caused by hormones, but it’s not clinically proven yet. But, lots of hormonal changes can trigger this condition.

Types of Treatment 

Many procedures and medications are available to treat this problem. Sometimes not a specific eye problem but an external fact can be responsible for this to happen. Sometimes medications can be a reason for this. There are many options for the latest treatment for dry eye syndrome in Gurgaon.

  • Over-the-counter drugs

This treatment is the popular one. Oral medications and eye drops are the medications that your doctor will prescribe. Always try to go for non-preservative eye drops. These eye drops are artificial tears that provide moisture to your eyes. Artificial tears are sometimes enough to cure the disease. All you have to do is just apply it several times a day. Ointments are also used in this situation, but they make the eye cloudy. But ointments cover the eyes better than the drops do. This dry eye treatment costs lesser than anyone. 

  • Eye inserters

When over-the-counter drugs cannot treat dry eye syndrome, then eye inserters are used. These are grain-like tiny tubes of medication. You have to place it between your eyeball and the lower eyelid. It has medicines that can keep your eyes moist.

  • Closing eye ducts

If the dry eye is chronic and doesn’t respond to any of the primary treatments, then this is the option to cure. It is a procedure where the doctor may completely or partially plug the tear duct. In this way, the tears will stay in your eyes longer. These plugs are removable and made of silicon.

  • Clearing the oil glands

In this technique there, a large contact lens is placed behind the eyelid and over the eye. Another one is placed outside the eyelid. This treatment can take over 12 minutes. 

  • Special contact

You can get relief from this situation by wearing bandage contact lenses. These are designed to protect the eye surface and lock the moisture. It is helpful if your eye dryness is only caused by too much tear loss.

Dry eye happens to every one out of five adults. This is a mild disease most of the time. Chronic dry eye is rare. There are have best hospitals that provide Dry Eyes Treatment in Gurgaon. There are many treatments and therapies available to cure this kind of disease. So try to keep a tab on your eye health. There can be an underlying disease that causes dry eyes.