COVID-19 through your Eyes

Can you get COVID-19 through your Eyes?

In December 2019, the first case of COVID-19 was discovered in the city of Wuhan, China. From then on, our world changed completely. The people who used to walk carelessly in the streets are now locked in their houses. Schools and colleges, shops, and every other business are closed right now because the Coronavirus is rapidly taking everyone into its grip.

Masks and sanitizers have become the basic needs of every individual. The best eye doctor said 6 feet has become the mandatory distance to be maintained among people. Earlier, it was believed that the virus spread through the mouth and nose because of the tiny droplets from a COVID-infected person. But recent cases have also proved that it can also spread through your eyes. So can these minute droplets make you ill if they land on your eyes? Can you get the Coronavirus through your eyes?

Can The Coronavirus Spread Through The Best Eye Doctor?

The plain and simple of this question is YES. A group of best eye doctors (scientists) conducted their study on Coronavirus infected people and found out that Coronavirus can spread through the eyes. The Coronavirus was found in the tear samples of the test subjects.

It can spread through tear ducts, which connect the nasal cavity and mouth. Subsequently, it reaches the respiratory tract and infects the person with the covid disease. If the infected person wipes his tears and later touches any surface, he can pass the virus on the surface. It gives the idea of how contagious this deadly virus is.

The Symptoms:

Conjunctivitis or pink eye, the inflammation in the membrane covering the eyeball, is the primary symptom of the Coronavirus spreading through the eyes. It is accompanied by extreme itching, redness, and tears discharge from the eyes.

The best ophthalmologist in Gurgaon says that pink eyes do not always mean that you have contacted the Coronavirus. If you see the symptoms of pink eye, call an eye care specialist and tell them in detail about your symptoms. Follow the instructions of the eye care specialist to take care of the eyes. Pink eye is also caused by bacteria, so taking the advice of the best eye care specialist proves beneficial. The best eye doctor exactly guesses whether the pink eye is caused by the Coronavirus or bacteria.

Steps to prevent the Coronavirus from spreading through the eyes:

We wear masks to protect our mouth and nose from contracting the infectious virus. But our eyes do not get covered. So what are the steps to protect your eyes?

The best eye doctors have provided many tips to stay safe from contacting this virus through your eyes. Here are some recommendations you can follow to protect your eyes from contracting the Coronavirus.

• Avoiding contact lenses for a while and wearing glasses:

Wearing contact lenses requires more touching of the eyes for their continuous adjustment. If you also touch your eyes more often while wearing contact lenses, wear glasses. Glasses reduce the irritability of the eyes and do not require constant touching of the eyes. It also acts as a barrier between your hands and the eyes, so there are very few chances of contacting the Coronavirus.

If it is not possible for you to switch to glasses from contact lenses, then take extra care while wearing the lenses. The best eye specialists suggest you get your contact lenses disinfected most of the time.

• Glasses are the layer of protection:

Glasses come with the advantage of adding an extra layer of protection too. This extra layer of protection saves your eyes from minute infectious droplets. However, the virus can still reach your eyes through the top, bottom, or side of the glasses. So if you are taking care of a person who has already contracted the Coronavirus, the best ophthalmologist in Gurgaon suggests people wear safety goggles. He also recommends keeping on wearing a face shield for better protection of the eyes.

• Stock up on eye prescription medicines to prepare yourself for the emergency:

In these tough times when everything is changing so rapidly because of this deadly virus, it is advised to keep yourself prepared for any mishap. The best eye care specialist advises people to consult their ophthalmologist and stock up on the necessary medicines at home. These medicines come in very handy during the lockdowns, When all shops are closed. Keep enough medicines at home to take care of you and your family members. The best eye care specialist advises people not to wait until the last minute to get the medicines.

• Avoid rubbing your eyes:

It is the common tendency of people to rub their eyes often. But in these tough times, make a habit of not touching your eyes even accidentally. If you feel an itch in your eyes, rub it with a tissue instead of your fingers. To adjust your glasses, sanitize your hands and then adjust them.

A dry eye leads to more itching of the eyes, so moisturize your eyes often. It will reduce the itching and thus your contact of the hand with the eyes.

But if it is very necessary to touch your eyes with your hand, wash your hands properly with soap and water. Wash your hands properly and dry them for about 20 seconds. After doing all this, you can touch your eyes with your hand.

Final Overview

The coronavirus is spreading at an alarming rate. Millions of people are dying every day. And most people contracted this virus because of their neglect. It is your responsibility to take care of yourself and the people around you.

Always wear a double mask whenever you have to go out of the house. Step out of the house only when it is necessary. Avoid rubbing your eyes, hands, and mouth with your hands, and sanitize your hands often.

These steps will help us defeat this deadly virus, and that day will not be far when we will step out of the house without masks. We will be free from the clutches of this deadly virus. But till then, follow the necessary precautions, stay safe, and help in flattening the curve.

And if you are able to notice eye problems heavily, be aware and fastly go to the best eye hospital or go to the best eye specialist.